The Divergent Film Series To Resume As A Starz TV Series

When the adaptation of the hit Veronica Roth series Divergent hit theatres in 2014 it seemed like another franchise was about to explode at the box office. After all it had a strong cast (including Shailene Woodley,  Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort and Kate Winslet), a decent story, and a strong fan base. The first film made over $150,000,00, and the sequel was scheduled to come out the year after. Insurgent hit theatres in 2015, cost more to make, and made less. Still, it made enough to call for a sequel. Then the poor decision was made to split the final novel into two movies, something popular franchises like Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games had done before it. Unfortunately that decision has come back to bite them. Allegiant bombed at the box office, and the second part of the movie was put on hold. There were rumours the final part would air as a TV movie, and then maybe follow into a TV series, but the stars weren’t up for it. Now it appears as if the plan is moving forward,  with network Starz stepping in to develop it.

Starz is developing a TV series called Ascendant, which they are aiming to make as a drama based on the Summit/Lionsgate movie franchise. It’s being written and executive produced by Adam Cozad, and directed by Lee Toland Krieger, the two who were scheduled to be responsible for the film version when it was a thing. It’s also unclear at this time if the first episode would be a conclusion to the film franchise, and be carried on from there as a tv series, or if the stars from the films would return to finish what they had started. 

In case you are wondering why Starz is the network to pick the series up, well it might have something to do with Lionsgate acquiring the company within the last year. Starz announced just last week that several Lionsgate projects were in the works, and the president and CEO of the company stated that “We’ve got an exciting slate of stuff with Lionsgate in development. There will be more to come in close partnership with Lionsgate, which we will announce in the months ahead.”


If stars Shailene Woodley and others don’t return, the series could be dead on arrival. If they do however, it could be a great way to jump start it all.