The First Trailer For Stephen King’s The Mist TV Series Has Arrived

Stephen King’s 200 page novella has already gotten a lot of traction with a feature length movie, and now it’s about to become a weekly TV Series on Spike TV starting on June 22nd. And in case you were wondering what it’s going to be like, the first trailer has now arrived to show us.

Stephen King’s original novella, and the movie based on it, mainly takes place inside a grocery store where several people are trapped by the creatures roaming outside in the mysterious fog that suddenly rolls in and covers the entire region. These creatures are merciless and unlike anything seen on the planet. In order to make the novella a series though, more characters needed to be added, and as well as new locations. Which also means of course that you won’t see the grocery store either, because that story has been told.

In the trailer you can see several of the new settings, including a church and a shopping mall. It appears as if each location will tell its own story, with its own characters. Some of the new characters include a sex-ed teacher played by Alyssa Sutherland, her nice-guy husband (Morgan Spector, from Person of Interest) and their daughter (Gus Birney). You’ll even get a prototypical “bad-guy” played by Luke Cosgrove. He’s the sheriff’s son who is accused of a violent crime before the mist arrives. There are several characters in each location, with their own stories to tell.

Like the popular series The Walking Dead, The Mist will not just focus on the monsters, but on the people and how they react to the situation they are in. That of course means there will be plenty of conflict between the characters, and perhaps in the end you will discover who the true monsters are. 

The Mist premieres Thursday, June 22 on Spike.