The Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibit Set To Open In Toronto At The AGO

Like many painters, Georgia O’Keeffe’s work can mean many different things to many different people. To some, images of beautiful flower paintings instantly appear in their head, to others images of skulls come to mind, and yet to others still gorgeous landscapes are what they imagine. Starting this weekend and running until July 30th, you can explore the many different aspects of Georgia O’Keeffe’s career all in one exhibit. 

The Art Gallery of Toronto brings together 80 of O’Keeffe’s works together in Canada for the first time. The paintings represent six decades of the artist’s work, and encompass everything she is known for. The travelling exhibit made a big name for itself during its run at the Tate Modern in London, and the Bank Austria Kunstforum in Vienna, and now Canadians will get to see why O’Keeffe is known as one of America’s most beloved artists. 

As you walk through the gallery you will be taking a trip through time, seeing her paintings in the order in which she created them. You’ll see her abstract work and her night time cityscapes of New York City, followed by her beautiful close up images of flowers. You’ll even get to see The Eggplant, a painting exclusive to the AGO. Her paintings of bones, started when she moved to New Mexico, are better seen in person than on a computer screen or in the pages of a book, but of course that can be said of all her work. By the time you get to the end of the exhibit you’ll get to see O’Keeffe’s fascination with a door, that she kept painting until she got it right. 

The Georgia O’Keeffee exhibit at the AGO is one you won’t want to miss, as the paintings will inspire you with their sheer beauty. 

Photo: AGO courtesy of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.

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