“The Handmaid’s Tale” Set To Return In April 2018

After being nominated for 13 Emmy’s and winning 8 of them, you knew Hulu would be pushing to get the second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” on the air as quickly as possible. While we knew it was coming, we didn’t know exactly when, that is, until now.

Hulu announced that “The Handmaid’s Tale” would be returning in April of next year. The series is currently in production, and will continue where the season one cliff-hanger left off. If you remember, Offred was being taken away by the Eyes as the season came to a close. In their tweet that announced the series’ return, Hulu included a short video clip showing a handmaid running in the dark with only a flashlight to guide her way. It’s unclear if the handmaid is Offred or not, but it could be an indication that she managed to escape her captors.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, and it follows the story of a woman renamed Offred in a futuristic society where women have become second-class citizens and forced to bear children for childless government officials. The series won the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy, as well as acting awards for  Elisabeth Moss and Ann Dowd.