The Hilariously Messy Way Tiffany Haddish Got Back At Her Cheating Ex


By now, I think we’ve all figured out that Tiffany Haddish isn’t all that different from her beloved character in Girls Trip. Fun, hilarious, and ready to pop off at any given moment, Tiffany was pretty much born for the role of Dina. And remember that scene when she went off on Ryan’s cheating husband? Well she had her own run-in with a cheater in real life back in the day and she put him in place too.

In the actress’s memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, released this week, Tiffany talks about how “Dating has been hard for me my whole life.” Unfortunately, that includes once being in an abusive marriage, but she also shared a hilarious tale of revenge involving an ex who cheated on her.

“I ate a lot of corn. A lot. And I didn’t chew it so well,” she wrote, explaining that she then proceeded to poop in her ex-boyfriends favorite pair of Jordans. When he unsuspectingly put the shoes on, Tiffany informed him he’d just stepped in “All the sh-t you put me through!”

Laughing about the situation, Tiffany told People, “I know I’m crazy. I always try to think of ways to get revenge without going to jail.”

Currently, the 38-year-old said she’s been too busy to meet men, but she’s hoping to change that soon. “I don’t really have time for dating. I would like to eventually, definitely by summer time I would like to be dating somebody. I want somebody to give me butterflies. I’ll adjust my schedule for butterflies.”

Apparently, she’s got options though. “I was talking to my homegirl about how men are worse groupies than women can ever be,” she said. “There’s a dude right now, I used to get butterflies for him back in the day and I used to hit on him all the time but he would constantly turn me down. He’d be like, ‘You’re silly Tiffany, quit it.’ But it’s funny because as soon as the trailer for Girls Trip came out he’s all ‘Oh you’re beautiful, I want to take you out!’”

Though Tiffany can see right through ‘ol boy’s game, she confessed, “I might hit it and quit it.”