The Microbiome Diet- Here’s What To Know


(Photo by vickievideo on Instagram)

What is it?

Developed by holistic medical practioner Raphael Kellman, the Microbiome Diet claims to improve the bacterial health in our bodies. The microbiome refers to the collection of bacteria that lives in our digestive tracts, or more simply, our guts. A healthy microbiome leads to better digestion, appetite control and a regulated metabolism. These bacteria also play a huge role in our moods and immune systems. The Microbiome Diet refers to a pattern of eating that promotes the health of the microbiome.

What does this diet offer?

The Microbiome Diet requires the removal of all sugar and processed foods from your diet. Other off-limit foods include gluten, dairy, yeast, dried fruits, and fungus. Instead, the diet promotes the inclusion of vegetables and fermented foods like pickles and yogurt. Meats are permitted as long as they’re not processed. Bonus: the Microbiome Diet allows the user to drink coffee, wine and beer (within moderation). To supplement your diet, a probiotic is recommended to support your daily vitamin intake.

Menu Ideas

If you’re beginning the Microbiome Diet, start your day off with a Strawberry-Banana smoothie. Swap regular cow’s milk for a dairy-free alternative, like almond milk. For lunch, try a kale salad mixed with assorted veggies. Finish off the day with grass-fed chicken and broccoli cooked in coconut oil for dinner.

Should you try it?

If you’re suffering from acne, fatigue, or inflammation, the Microbiome Diet could be the trick to kicking these unpleasant symptoms of an unhealthy microbiome. When followed carefully, this diet claims to have the ability to heal your gut and reset your metabolism. Before starting any diet, be sure to consult with a dietitian to make sure it’s appropriate for your dietary needs.