The Most Unique Canadian Travel Accommodations

If you’re used to staying at your favourite chain hotel or perhaps at a charmingly romantic bed and breakfast, then you may be in for a surprise. Other than a plethora of typical inns, Canada is also home to numerous quaint and quirky lodgings. With July marking Canada’s 150th birthday and patriotic pride in the air, we’ve rounded up a few unique alternatives to your everyday travel accommodations. From unusual structures to fantastical surroundings, these spaces just may awaken your adventurous spirit and encourage you to explore the beautiful True North this summer.

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Fantasyland Hotel West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB: Located inside Canada’s largest shopping mall, the Fantasyland Hotel is best known for its themed rooms. If you’re a true globetrotter, you’ll be pleased to know that the accommodations feature international themes which range from Roman and Modern Polynesian to Arabian. Meanwhile, some of the rooms also feature design inspired by igloos, sports and even Hollywood. This over-the-top hotel also includes attractions like the Galaxyland Amusement Park, World Waterpark and Sea Life Caverns.

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Goldenwood Lodge, Golden, BC: If your summertime adventures lead you to Beautiful BC, Goldenwood Lodge describes itself as “a peaceful and quiet retreat.” The lodge is situated against the Canadian Rockies, but also claims to offer far more than just a picturesque view. Visitors will also have the chance to stay in a teepee, for a change from the classic double bed which is a mainstay in so many hotel rooms! The other arrangements also include cottages and lodges with kitchenettes. While you’re embracing the calming beauty and Canadiana spirit, you can also go mountain biking, bird watching or canoeing.

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Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, BC: While many Canuck kids grow up playing in treehouses, this BC hotspot aims to transform your childhood dreams into reality. Free Spirit Spheres are hanging, circular wooden houses which are nestled amongst the forestry and greenery of the area. The spaces can fit up to three people, and are located in a lush rainforest region.