The Oscars To Add New Category And Speed Up Broadcast

When people talk about why they don’t watch the Academy Awards there are two reasons that head to the top of the list: The show is too long, and only artsy films that the average person never watch win. Well, both of those things are about to change.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that they are making changes to how the annual Oscars event is showcased. One of the biggest changes is that in order to shorten the length of the show to a maximum of three hours, not all of the awards will be shown live. They plan on handing out some of the awards during commercial breaks, and showing edited clips of the winners later on. What those categories are has not yet been announced, but no matter what they are you can expect some push-back considering they have tried to do this before. Still it is a good move, and may help at-home audiences stay engaged and watch more of the program.

The other big change they announced was the addition of a Most Popular Movie category. This should help blockbuster movies actually take home an Oscar for a change. Of course what the criteria is for this category hasn’t been announced as of yet. It could be anything from box office receipts, to at-home balloting, or even Academy member voting.  They have announced that films nominated for this category are still eligible for the Best Picture Oscar as well, although it is very rare that the most popular movie of the year is an Oscar winner, or even a nominee. 

Whether these changes will help the Oscars broadcast in the rating has yet to be seen, but for the moment it looks to be a great move in the right direction.