The Power of Synchronicity Series- Part 4: How Synchronicity Breaks Science & Materialism

In The Power of Synchronicity Series- Part 3: The Role of The Collective Unconscious Archetypes, we unpacked Jung’s “collective unconscious” concept. It can be boiled down to a field of psychic energy shared by us all, that is made up of non-material data called archetypes (universal symbols, beliefs and patterns). Because they drive our individual growth, archetypes can present themselves through synchronistic events, dreams and repeating patterns in our lives. They are signs, symbols, messages that exist to guide us on the path of personal development towards self-realization.

Defying science
The reason why synchronicity can be so tricky to grasp and isn’t always accepted is because
it defies science. These often magical experiences, challenge what we have always known to be true,  what we can see, taste and touch in the material world. Scientific ‘truths’ form from what can be tried and tested with a cause and effect approach. Synchronicity, on the other hand, is not logical or linear and cannot be fully proven with scientific tests. This is because synchronicity is the result of the joining of psychic instinct (from the non-material world) with a physical event (material world).

In my research on the topic of Synchronicity for my essay, I did a video interview with one of my mentors who happens to be one of the most magical people I know, David Wolfe. Watch the video below and you will see how he lives his life in a constant synchronistic flow. It’s truly incredible! 

In simple terms, synchronicity can’t be duplicated and it goes against logic in a lot of ways so some people think you’re crazy for following it! Why is this? Because our society, our evolution as humans and how it is framed is deeply rooted in Scientism- the religion of science.

“We come from a logical, rational, ‘normal’ reality, we like to paint everything as the scientific method,” Wolfe noted. This is what’s ‘real’, black or white, ‘see it to believe it’, and synchronicity is anything but that! It’s a one-off. It happens and that’s it. It can’t be replicated, so that right there makes synchronicity fall outside of the scientific method and fall onto the side of irrational and illogical.

Embracing uncertainty
Our civilization has become very certain- we know this, we know that, we’ve figured this out, and that out, but I’ve learned that uncertainty is a very important element of life. You have to make room for uncertainty, spontaneity and adventure in order to be happy in life.

“You can’t just be certain about everything and while certainty is a big part of Synchronicity yes, uncertainty is even as great or if not of greater importance because it helps you to stay in a state of awe, mystery and wonder, which is a very important group of energies to cultivate.” – David Wolfe

While it may not be a huge shocker, it’s also important to note that synchronicities can easily be missed or explained away for people who don’t tune into them as powerful messages from beyond.

This is something we really need to be aware of because we have been indoctrinated with this materialist message through cultural influences such as our family, education and media. And, if we want to live a magical life, we are going to have to leave that all behind and find our own way!

I know, from experience, you have to actually strike out and seek meaning in your life through synchronicity to be truly fulfilled. When you resonate with an experience of deeper meaning, you know it’s because of a connection to something greater, the Creator!

When you’re tuned in like this, you see and feel the unexplainable magic of synchronicity and you think, “Did that just happen?” Yes, you are communicating with the Universe. How powerful you are!

The Universe will respond to your heightened awareness and present answers to your questions (however, not always how or what you expected). No matter how backwards it seems, it’s important to follow this guidance. Often times your logical mind will get in the way of following through by saying things like, “Don’t be silly, that can’t be real”,  “He’s too weird, I couldn’t go on a date with him”, or “I can’t do that, I don’t have enough money.” But it’s just trying to keep you safe and small so don’t fall for that trap! This is just the story that’s replaying over and over again. The key thing to note here is, follow anything that you sense has deeper meaning, even if you don’t know what that is quite yet.

This goes into David’s next point, which I love, a matter of clearing up your inner conflicts and getting the mind out of the way so you can let go and get into the “Holy Flow” (a state of hyper-synchronicity).

Let Love Lead.

“Structure, we know from our experience, can remain when the love is gone.”- David Wolfe

So, you have to be careful you don’t get caught up so much in structure that you can’t flow with the current of life. To live in the Holy Flow, you have to be able to leave the structure behind and relax, letting love lead you, living a more natural life with room for spontaneity and magic.

David talks about making time to “do the random thing” as a way to generate more synchronicity in your life. Do something random, out of the box, be spontaneous, take the scenic route and see where it leads you!

And it’s NOT always going to be rainbows and butterflies! One of the biggest misconceptions is that synchronicity is easy, the obvious and when you think of flow, you think of ease, but often times that’s not always the case. The Universal signs may be telling you to quit the job you hate, leave your partner, move cities, or shell out a bunch of money. But, trust that all of it is personally designed messages to you and ultimately serve your Highest potential.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I want to develop this kind of lifestyle”, it all begins by doing one thing: breaking the mould of the old and transforming into the new you.

“Synchronicity is an ever-present phenomenon for those who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the hands to feel, the intuition to know… and the courage to take the risk.”- Wolfe

Again, check out the full interview with David here!

In the next article, the 5th, I will give you an inside look into what it’s like when you follow these signs completely and with full trust. I will give you a taste of what it’s like to live in the “Holy Flow” and what you can very well experience too if you tune in and follow the breadcrumbs of synchronicity!

Want more guidance like this and how you can get out of your own way to live a life of flow? Check out my Love Letters by clicking on the image below!

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