‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recap: Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson Fire Back at Dorit Kemsley’s Grief Criticism

Sometimes it’s best to just let things go — but it seemed that no one told that to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies. The Tuesday, January 3, episode opened with Erika Girardi still arguing that she didn’t believe Dorit Kemsley‘s husband actually saw anything when he sat across from her during pre-White Party cocktails, when she wasn’t wearing any underwear. “It’s that kind of girl who takes all the fun out of hanging out with women,” Erika lamented to her stylist about Dorit. That was just the beginning of the tension among the ladies, however.

Dorit and PK Grill Rinna

In a seemingly friendly gesture, Dorit invited Lisa Rinna to her house for a dinner party, but shortly after Rinna arrived, Dorit and her husband, PK, began grilling her about her issues with Lisa Vanderpump. (ICMI, PK and Vanderpump are pretty good friends.) PK asked Rinna about her father’s death and how that may have affected her relationship with Vanderpump. Rinna insisted to the camera that the death of her father had nothing to do with what went down between her and Vanderpump, but she didn’t get very far with PK on that point.

Further, when Rinna revealed that Eileen Davidson‘s mother had died just two days before they filmed the last reunion and had basically kept it to herself (besides telling Rinna, that was), PK and Dorit immediately said they thought that wasn’t fair to the rest of the group. “PK and Dorit are dissecting how Eileen and I handled the death of our parents,” Rinna said to the camera, clearly annoyed. She then reported back to Eileen about what had transpired, and Eileen decided to speak to Dorit about it herself.

Life’s a Beach … But Not Right Now

Eileen and Dorit went for a walk on the beach, which they quickly abandoned due to wind, opting for lunch instead. Eileen didn’t waste any time confronting Dorit about the comments she and PK had made indicating his opinion that Eileen should have disclosed to the rest of the group that her mother had died prior to filming the reunion. Dorit basically said she didn’t remember what Eileen was talking about and therefore couldn’t comment on what she said (or didn’t). An increasingly frustrated Eileen finally put it as simply as possible: “You and PK may have gotten the idea that because of the deaths we experienced, that it somehow affected what happened with Lisa Vanderpump.”

To the camera, Dorit insisted, “I have no idea what Eileen is talking about.” After a bit more prodding, however, Dorit clarified to Eileen, “You want me to understand that your fight with Lisa Vanderpump has zero to do with your mother.” Eileen said that was exactly right, and Dorit asked her why she hadn’t just said that to begin with. In between all of that, Eileen also invited Dorit to a luncheon at Camille Grammer‘s new house.

Kyle Struggles to Reconnect With Mauricio

Meanwhile, Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio, were having their own struggles. As his real estate business had grown, she had seen him less and less. During a rare moment together in their kitchen, Kyle told him, “I could do with a little less of everything we’re working so hard for, and a little more time with you.” He then joked that if that’s how she felt, she should stop shopping. (At least, he was mostly joking.)

Ladies Who Lunch

Dorit, Eileen, and Erika all met up at Camille’s new house. Erika wore a pantsuit for the event, so there was zero chance that she would flash Dorit or anyone else there. She and Dorit exchanged a relatively cordial greeting, but as lunch wore on, tensions crept up.

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As Erika discussed her music career, Dorit seemed pretty unimpressed. To the camera, Dorit argued that Erika’s career was “more of a hobby,” and critiqued her general persona as not being up to par for a true star. “She doesn’t really bring much of the performer allure in her daily conversations,” Dorit reasoned. “She seems quite reserved and closed off.” They then got into a disagreement over what it meant for a woman to be in her 40s. Basically, these two just liked to disagree as often as possible.

Dorit then turned her attention to Eileen and their disagreement over how Eileen had handled the death of her mother. “It seems to me that Dorit is trying to make me a problem,” Eileen said. When Dorit made a comment about how she wasn’t there when all this happened, Eileen snapped that this was exactly why Rinna wanted to clarify things — because Dorit wasn’t there.

Tell Us: Do you think Dorit was justified in critiquing the way Rinna and Eileen handled the deaths in their families?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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