The Realities Of Living With An Ex After A Breakup

It’s not ideal, it’s usually a nightmare, and most people will feel bad for you but sometimes it has to happen: sometimes you have to live with an ex after a breakup. If you moved to a new city together, both got jobs you love there but have no friends yet and no money for a hotel, you may just be stuck living together for a while after calling it quits. It seems like there should be a shelter for couples going through breakups, right? Because living under the same roof as an ex can be a toxic situation. If you’ve done it before, then you know these things to be true. If you’re one of the rare and confused individuals who has the option to stop living with an ex but thinks it’s a smart idea to stay put, then let this be a warning to you. Here are the realities of living with an ex after a breakup.

No more financial favors

Your ex won’t pay the landlord the full rent and let you pay him your half in a week. The financial favors will be over once you’re broken up. If you clearly use more electricity than he does because you work from home and he doesn’t, he’s going to make you pay a larger part of the electricity bill.