The Top 5 Longest Running Movie Series In History

The Fate of the Furious arrives this weekend in theatres, which is the eighth movie in the Fast and the Furious series. When the whole thing began in 2001, no one could have predicted how big it would become. In fact series star Vin Diesel didn’t even appear in the second film, and the third one was almost entirely separate from the first two films. That all changed in 2009 however when the fourth film in the franchise breathed new life into the series, and no one has looked back since. Still though, even though it has eight movies in the franchise, it’s still not the longest series out there.

Godzilla – With 31 movies already released, and more on the way, Godzilla sure has come a long way from it’s 1954 premiere. This Japanese monster has fought against us, and for us, but always has it brought destruction in its wake. Hollywood has tried their hand at making Godzilla movies as well, but they have never been as good as the Japanese ones.

James Bond – The super spy has 24 official film, two unofficial ones, and a legacy that is hard to top. Even when they’re not making a bond movie, he always seems to be in the news with people wondering who will pick up the mantle next. Ian Fleming only wrote 12 novels, and two short story collections on 007, but there seem to be an unlimited amount of ideas of what he can do next.

Marvel Cinematic Universe – 14 films and counting. That’s what a 2008 film about a man in an iron suit started. Every year at least two new films come out to add to this total, with three coming out in 2017. Superheros are big business these days, and in a few years this series will be the top of the list.

Star Trek – Another long lived series that really doesn’t have an end in site. From multiple TV series, to 13 movies, Star Trek has an iconic name that everyone recognizes. From Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, to Jean-Luc Picard and Data, we’re betting you can name a few characters from the films.

Friday the 13th – When your main character can’t die, it’s not surprising that the movie franchise keeps going on. Jason has been killed multiple times throughout the 12 films, but the man in the mask keeps coming back.  This series was at the forefront of the whole slasher film craze.