“The Worst Is Yet To Come”: Meghan Markle & Other Stars Whose Family Members Caused Wedding Drama


Ever since it was announced last year that she and Prince Harry had become engaged, drama has followed Meghan Markle almost weekly. Most of it has surrounded the actions of relatives (and relatives-to-be), including her half-sister and half-brother, but this week, the spotlight has been on her father, Thomas Markle, Sr. As we reported, her father claimed he would not attend her wedding on the 19th after fallout for some pictures taken of him. He made a deal with a photo agency to allow them to take pictures of him pretending to get ready for the big day. It supposedly wasn’t just about money, but also to counter less than flattering images that had been taken of him by paparazzi as they got closer to the wedding. But the embarrassment of it all has left him feeling like he doesn’t want to be a distraction for his daughter or the Royal Family. In response, Kensington Palace put out a statement saying, “This is a deeply personal moment for Ms. Markle in the days before her wedding. She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation.”

Tough. And while her situation is very unique, Meghan is not the first person, nor the first public figure, to have to deal with drama leading up to their wedding, on their wedding day and right after. Hit the flip for more stressful wedding planning moments.