The Worst: Jhene Aiko’s Estranged Husband Seeking Spousal Support

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The way Jhene Aiko has moved on and found love with rapper Big Sean (or whatever it is — they haven’t officially claimed each other), it’s easy to forget that she is technically still married.

According to court papers obtained by our brother site, BOSSIP, producer Dot Da Genius, born Oladipo Omishore, is requesting that Aiko provide him with spousal support. At the same time, based on his response to Aiko’s divorce filing, he wants the court to keep her from collecting any money from him. When Aiko filed for divorce over the summer, she requested that a judge deny him spousal support.

According to BOSSIP, Omishore is in the process of trying to determine what property from their marriage he can stake claim of, and he is also trying to determine what joint debts they have. On top of wanting support from the singer, Omishore is also requesting that Aiko cover his lawyer’s fees, as well as a stipulation that the presiding judge explain all decisions made. That includes a thorough explanation of why he or she (Omishore or Aiko) will or won’t obtain spousal support, how much, how their property will be split up and more.

The estranged couple tied the knot on the low two and a half years ago, and in their wedding picture, they looked happy. But after they called it quits, things turned ugly. Aiko was accused of cheating on Omishore, and responded to such claims by calling him a “b—h a-ss.” She also claimed that he was “BFF” with his ex during their relationship, didn’t want to live with her and was disrespectful. As she put it on Twitter over the summer, “I only cheated myself, so glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation.”

Aiko claims they split in July 2015, while Omishore, it seems, is still trying to figure out when things ended, hence his date of separation being “TBD.” She cited the cause of the end of their marriage as irreconcilable differences.