The Worst Movies Of 2016

Around this time of the year everyone is talking about their favourite movies, books, TV shows and music. If there are favourites, there has to be least favourites right? And the very least favourites have to be considered the worst. Here is our list of the worst movies of the year.

Arrival: A lot of people have placed this alien sci-fi movie near the top of their best of lists for the year, but we see it differently. This nearly two hour film is a snoozefest that would rather put you to sleep than have any sort of a plot that makes any sort of sense. If you want to save yourself two hours here is the plot in a nutshell. Aliens arrive, and a linguist is brought on board by the government to try and talk to them. Yes, two hours of trying to talk to aliens. Yawn!

Dirty Grampa: Oh Robert De Niro, what in the world were you thinking by making this unfunny film? Zac Efron plays De Niro’s grandson who is tricked into driving his grandfather to Florida for Spring Break. If you have an hour and a half to waste, and feel like being disturbed by gross out humor being performed by a 73 year old man, this movie is for you!

Independence Day: Resurgence: Here’s a thought, let’s make a sequel to a 1996 movie that no one was asking to see. And wait a second, let’s make this sequel without the star of the original. This movie was doomed to failure even before it hit the theatres, and once it came out those who did decide to see it wished aliens would invade to help get them out of the theatre.

Suicide Squad: A team of super villains no one has heard of (unless you are comic books fans) team up to fight an even bigger super villain, who is teaming up with one of their own. DC Comics has been having a hard time getting it right when it comes to turning their comic books into great movies, and if they keep putting out trash like this they soon won’t have anyone giving them a try. It’s a shame too, because both Will Smith and Margot Robbie were fun to watch. Unfortunately it was the rest of the film that wasn’t. 

Zoolander 2: The first Zoolander didn’t do so hot in the theatres, so here’s an idea, let’s make a sequel 15 years later because maybe people will like the characters better if we make them star in an even more over the top film. Sure Zoolander became a cult hit, and sure fans wanted to see more of them, but somehow we doubt this film is what they were wanting.

Nine Lives: We would love to have been a fly on the wall when they were proposing this movie. Let’s take a two time Academy Award winning actor, say Kevin Spacey, and have him play a billionaire jerk and turn him into a cat until he learns his lesson. And wait, let’s take another Oscar winning actor, say Christopher Walken, and have him play a supporting role. How some things get made are really beyond us.

Alice Through The Looking Glass: Lewis Carroll must be rolling in his grave after this sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 hit Alice in Wonderland was made. It has nothing to do with his original story at all, and even Tim Burton walked away and decided to only produce the film instead of direct it. Yeah the cast all returned, but it looks like they were just in it for a paycheck instead of making anything watchable.