There’s A Line Of $1 Canned Wines At Trader Joes

Any avid wine drinkers out there in the world? Well, if that happens to be you, you and your pockets are in luck because Trader Joes has made all of our dreams come true.

The national grocer recently introduced Simpler Wines, a line of canned wines that cost just $4 for a 4-pack. So if you do the math, it’s just $1 each. You really can’t beat that for a 6.3 oz can of sparkling white and rosé.

So yesterday at kiddo drop-off a fellow preschool mom brought me a can of #simplerwines rosé to try … I joked that I am either doing something right, or something terribly terribly wrong as drop-off doubles as wine trade time Anywhoo, we both tried it and decided to ensure our scientific experiment had a proper control group, we needed to also try the white version #obvi Stay tuned for test results … also, happy Thursday! Nothing says Thursday quite like sparkling wine (in a can), confetti, and ranunculus … right?!! **Edited to note that we tried it later in the day … not during preschool drop-off ‍♀️

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According to Trader Joes website, the sparkling white features notes of “juicy honeydew and fresh-cut herbs,” while the rosé has “elegant, mineral notes and red fruit flavors.” Acknowledging the amazing price point on its site as well, the grocer said that Simpler Wines are “a fraction of the prices we’ve seen elsewhere,” adding, “we’ll drink to that!”

No, seriously. We’ll not only drink to that but also cheers to that!