There’s Finally A Beauty Brand With An Extensive Range Of Shades For Women Of Color

The search for extensive shade ranges of makeup for women of color may have finally come to an end.

Thanks to a new brand called Koyvoca, women of color will no longer have to cash out on foundations and concealers only to find out that the “deep” shade isn’t fit all and the orange hue it’s casting over your complexion doesn’t match your undertone.

With 21 shades of brown cream-to-powder foundations, you’ll walk away not only happy but with velvety matte skin that blurs out imperfections. And at only $16, it’s a super steal.

Koyvoca also offers contour creams (they’re very matte and only $12!) with the same array of shades, including super-deep complexions.

Need a “translucent” powder that won’t leave you looking ghostly and pale? Oh, yes ladies. They’ve got powders in a plethora of browns shades, too, at only $10.

The classic setting powder. Light, medium, medium-deep, and deep.

A photo posted by koyVoca (@koyvocacosmetics) on Jan 2, 2017 at 1:22pm PST

Always wanted to try color-correcting, but never felt satisfied with the outcome? They’ve got you covered, too. According to the site, ” “Unlike other orange color correctors on the market, our corrector contains just enough orange pigment to neutralize the color of blemishes to give a more natural look.” And at $12, it’s certainly worth a try.

Oh, and there’s highlighters too because there’s nothing like having glowing skin.

See it in action below.


I created Milk Money after receiving several requests for a highlighter that was more on the silver side. Milk Money is definitely intimidating from the swatch alone, but once blended, it gives a subtle highlight.

A video posted by koyVoca (@koyvocacosmetics) on Oct 14, 2016 at 9:52am PDT

And last but not least, their $10 nude lipsticks suitable for brown gals. We’ve got one word: obsessed.

Head over to to take a full look around and shop their beauty products that we absolutely love.