“There’s Two Sides To You”: Taylor’s Friends Check Brandon On His Jekyll/Hyde Behavior Towards Her In Exclusive MAFS Clip

Brandon MAFS

Source: Lifetime / Lifetime/Kinetic Content

As we try and figure out what would eventually lead to the demise of Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin’s marriage on Married at First Sight, it has become obvious from the last few episodes that his mood swings and her reactions to them are a big part of it. Where we last left off, the couple were trying to bounce back after his meltdown at the end of their honeymoon, which left him cursing at Taylor and her living in their shared home by herself initially. After speaking with Pastor Cal, and Brandon apologizing, we will see the pair in Wednesday’s episode trying to move forward and meeting with their family and friends to help them do so. But Brandon’s past treatment of Taylor is the topic of conversation for her concerned friends.

“At the wedding, honestly, as soon as you came out, how you introduced yourself to everyone, I just saw you interacting at the wedding, I was like, this is the perfect guy for Taylor. But I heard some little things about what happened in Panama that’s making me read things a little differently,” one young woman said. “I don’t know if there’s two sides to you and I just don’t know the other side. That’s why I feel conflicted.”

Another woman friend of hers noted that the way he treats Taylor when they have conflict during the process is a big indicator of how he will treat her down the line, so it needs to be checked.

“My biggest concern is, what happens later when the cameras are out of your face and you can’t handle the next problem?” she asked. “Because I want to know that you know how to support her and take care of her and be in this with her.”

Lastly, her buff male friend, Tochi, made it clear that even if Brandon feels he’s changed, they’re not comfortable with what they’ve heard about him.

“I see you apologize and I see things in your head have changed, but at the same time, it happened,” he added. “It did happen, so I’m just saying, it’s not cool, especially to a female.”

It’s evident that Taylor went straight to her group after Brandon cut up in Panama, and could you blame her? The man went AWOL on her. Still, I could see the opinions of her friends being an issue for Brandon, especially since he and his family seemed mighty uncomfortable with the lecture he received. He did his best to respond to everyone’s concerns, we’ll give him that, but it’s not ridiculous to think he would owe an explanation to the people in her life who care about her most.

We’re definitely interested in seeing the full conversation on Wednesday’s night episode and how the Reids, and Taylor, respond to the line of questioning and criticism.