These Irresistible Frobabies Might Make You Want To Get Pregnant ASAP

One of the best decisions I ever made was deciding to follow the Instagram account, Frobabies. Life can be stressful and discouraging. But there’s nothing like an adorable Black child to put a smile on your face and brighten your day. Check out some of the little ones we’ve seen featured on the page.

Do you baby talk or real talk with your little ones? Research has shown that children from talkative families may have heard 30 million more words directed to them by age 3 than children from less talkative families! The same research study showed that the more words the children had heard by age 3, the better they did on tests of cognitive development. Learning to read greatly depends on having and hearing a big vocabulary ; lots of talking by parents and other adults, especially when combined with reading, is wonderful for building vocabulary. You are your baby’s first and best teacher in matters of building trust, dealing with emotional and physical needs, and interacting with others in positive ways. Talk with your baby, a lot, during the brains most formative first three years and set your child on the path to lifelong learning. ~ #TalkWithYourBaby __________________________ #frobabies #melanin #literature #literacy #converse #naturalhair #earlychildhood #prek #talented #smart #preschool #kindergarten #education #vocabulary #headstart #math #science #technology #toddler #newborn #baby #babytalk #realtalk #school #docspeaks

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When you have to put your younger sibling on game, early.