Things The Man Who Loves You Will Never Say To You

Ah women; we always want to give people the benefit of the doubt. And, since we choose girlfriends based on who will be honest with us, tell it like it is and help us be our best selves, it’s only natural that we want boyfriends who do the same. But it’s that mentality that enables us to brush off some pretty awful things a partner can say. Remember that someone who loves you chooses what he says to you based on the goal of always making you feel loved, supported, encouraged, inspired, accepted and brave. So, if your boyfriend says something hurtful, you can’t write it off as him just being honest. A man who really loves you will find a way to send every message in the most loving, tender, sweetest package possible. Here are things a man who loves you will never say to you.

Maybe you should quit

A man who loves you would never tell you that you should quit anything—from career to fitness to personal growth goals. If you’re overwhelmed, he may suggest you take a little break and refresh, and he would help you do that.