This Braided Style Alicia Keys Used To Rock Is Now Trending

#blasties will y’all be rocking these braids and beads this summer? #iob #naturalhair ?

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Braids are certainly one our favorite and most versatile protective styles to rock. So, it’s no wonder that now that the weather is warming up a bit and summertime continues to inch closer, ladies are ditching their natural hair or weaves to rock cool braided styles. Just a few years ago, every girl was rocking the same full, individual braids Janet Jackson wore Poetic Justice, and then it was the fun remix of cornrows with varying sizes.

Now, an older style one of our favorite RB divas once rocked is being recycled and praised by all. Braids and beads, anyone? Yes, this style is certainly a throwback to our younger days but ladies are loving the style and giving them a test run. And remember when it was Alicia Keys signature style?

While Keys told PEOPLE earlier this year that she didn’t think “wearing braids was something revolutionary or iconic; that was just how I loved wearing my hair,” her look that created a empowering statement for women of color has inspired many, including us.

We noticed a few ladies on Instagram rocking the braided style and doing it justice, and it’s got us thinking about trying it out for old times sake. What do you think ladies? Would you still rock this style? Continue scrolling to see some fly ladies who have tried it out for themselves.

She would rather be the boldest and brightest version of herself, than to be a dull watered down version of someone else.

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