This cat just climbed a rock wall like a pro, and we’re totally impressed


One of the many reasons we’d eagerly trade places with any member of the feline family is the animals’ ability to leap tall structures in a single bound like this awesome cat that climbed a rock wall like a pro. Typically, we leave the adventure of scaling walls and climbing over stuff to nature enthusiasts and kids like the 13-year-old rock climber who are genetically prone to attempting daredevil feats on a daily basis. However, watching this cat methodically ascend this rock wall almost makes us want to give that pesky fear of heights a stern kick in the butt.

But um, get back to us after the new year. For now, we’re perfectly fine with remaining on the ground while watching this episode of Kitty Kicks Ass on the Rock Wall.

Ugh, why must it look so effortless when our underutilized muscles and paralyzed minds know that couldn’t be further from the truth? BRB, about to climb a two-inch fence to feel better about ourselves.