This Is How To Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Smartphone

As technology advances, criminals are right there with it, keeping up. Unfortunately, it’s pretty simple for someone to hack into your computer or smart phone, if you aren’t careful. Safety should always be a top priority. There are several codes you can use to find out more about the settings on your phone, to find out whether or not your messages and personal information are protected. If your information isn’t protected, it’s possible that you’re being tracked.

Use these codes to find out who’s tracking you through your smartphone:


This code can help you find out whether or not your calls and messages are being diverted. You’ll be able to see the status of different types of diversions that are taking place. If you use this code, the number the information is being transferred to will be displayed on your screen.


If you want to find out where your calls, messages and data are being redirected to, dial this code. If it seems that no one can ever get through to you on your cell phone, it may be because your voice calls are being redirected to one of your cell phone operator’s numbers.


You can use this code to switch off all forms of redirection away from your phone. Use this code before you need to use roaming for any reason. It can help stop criminals from taking money away from your account for calls that are redirected to your voicemail by default.


Use this code to find out what your IMEI is. IMEI is your international mobile equipment identifier. If you know this number, you can find your phone in the event that someone steals it. When your phone is turned on, the location is automatically conveyed to the network operator, even if a different SIM card is inserted.

The James Bond Code

Certain codes allow other people to track your location. If you want to know if someone is following you, use these codes:

For iPhone: *3001#12345#
For Android: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*

  1. Go to the section called UMTS Cell Environment, then UMTS RR info. Write down all the numbers listed under Cell ID. These numbers are the stations located nearby. Your phone will connect to the one that emits the best signal.
  2. Go back to the main menu and click on the MM info tab, then click on Serving PLMN. Write down the numbers listed under LAC or Local Area Code.
  3. Use these two numbers and an ordinary website (the fourth tab to the left) to determine the location on the map of the basic station your phone is connected to.
  4. Pay attention to the mobile basic stations. This could be a truck with one large antenna. If you see one nearby without any logical reason, it’s possible that is spying.

How To Protect Yourself From Criminals

  • Use anti-virus software.
  • Use messaging apps that are closed to outsiders, such as Telegram, Chare, Wickr or Signal.
  • Be careful about the information you message to others.
  • Don’t install unknown programs on your phone.

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