This Is The Perfect Gift For Avid Drink Red Wine Sippers

As much as we love red wine and it’s benefits (it’s anti-aging powers are serious), we do hate the fact that it can leave our pearly whites stained.

Thankfully, there’s a new product targeted directly at avid red wine sippers that will leave your smile bright. That’s where the Wino Sipper comes in. The genius invention is a five-ounce wine glass that features a built-in glass straw so you can sip without a drop of wine actually touching your teeth. Sounds equally chic and smart, right?

Not to mention, the Wino Sipper is budget-friendly, clocking in at just $24 each for a set of two from Oenophilia. And while we’ve never actually gotten our hands on one of the glasses just yet, we’ve watched the Wino Sipper-produced video below explaining just how great this work of art really is.