‘This Is Us’ Fans Think They Finally Know What Miguel Did

Miguel is back — and he just might be more hated than ever. This Is Us‘ Tuesday, January 17, stand-alone episode featured a younger version of the character (played by Jon Huertas) golfing with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), which prompted a fresh round of angry tweets from fans speculating that Miguel stabs his buddy in the back.

In the episode that took place entirely in the ’80s, Miguel attempted to lure Jack away from his very pregnant wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), and get him to escape the impending burden of fatherhood through the age-old tradition of golf. As Miguel told Jack, “Being a father means every once in a while you get to buy yourself something, because your kids get everything else.”

Of course, Jack being Jack, he turned down Miguel’s offer and opted to be by his wife’s side, even saying, “She’s like Exorcist-level bad [right now], but I still don’t want to escape her. … I want to freeze time just so I can get a little bit more.” Yes, he’s that perfect.

Considering present-day Miguel is now married to Rebecca, and Jack has gone off to the great big putting green in the sky, viewers are currently more convinced than ever that sometimes the bad guy wins. Some fans tweeted theories about how Miguel may have bridged the gap from peer-pressuring friend to Rebecca’s future husband, while others were just plain furious!

Perhaps the series’ devotees would be well-advised to trust Moore, who told Us Weekly at a press event on Wednesday, January 18, that she believes Miguel will soon win over the doubters. The actress also pointed out that she doesn’t think there was any “overlap” in Rebecca’s relationships with the two men.

Fans don’t quite agree with Moore, judging by the selection of tweets below.

Tell Us: Do you see what Rebecca sees in Miguel? And how do you think he ends up with her?

This Is Us airs on NBC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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