This Is What Happens When You’re Childless And Get Around Your Friends’ Kids

You’re trying your best out there, but sometimes you really mess up around your friend’s children. You’ve been around children before—sure—but you’ve never had your own so you’re not in the mindset of considering how everything you do or say could affect a child’s psyche, development, and emotional and physical wellbeing. And that’s fair. But your friends insist on bringing their rug rats with them along on your beach power walks and wine nights now. And you keep doing or saying something that makes your friend look at you the way she did in college when you’d drink tequila directly out of the bottle—that you stole from behind the bar. Here are mistakes most non-parents make around their friends’ children.


This one is very hard to get a handle on. Even if you don’t curse very much, one time is too much around a child who is old enough to repeat what he hears.