This Is What The KKW x Kylie Nude Lipsticks Look Like On A Brown Gal

Whether you hate them or love you, you can’t knock the Kardashian-Jenner’s hustle. Those girls seriously know how to brand themselves and keep it in the family. Nevertheless, the youngest of the clan, Kylie, has been making tons of headlines and cash with her Kylie lip kits. Everywhere you look, there’s someone boasting about the products, but there are also some that aren’t too happy with the quality.

Even still, many of those that have tried out the lip kits have very little melanin so for us brown gals that might be on the hunt for the perfect lipstick. Well, thanks to the ladies over at Cosmopolitan, this is no longer a problem. While no lipstick, like no skin tone, is the same, a few of their editors tried out Kylie’s latest launch KKW x Kylie, a collection of four neutral shades chosen by Kim Kardashian herself. Boasting of a new crème formula, see what happened.

Everyone, meet Maya, Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Beauty Editorial Assistant. Maya says she has yet to find one nude lip shade that she absolutely loves. She’ll be your guide to whether or not Kylie’s new lip kit is brown gal-approved.


Thoughts on Kimberly: 

“This is definitely not a brown girl nude. I would pair this with a dark brown liner to balance out the light pink undertone so it feels more like a true nude for my skin tone.”

 Thoughts on Kim:

“The texture is really hard to control. I felt like the gloss was going to slide off my mouth, and the hue was way too light for my dark complexion. It also comes off really easily and isn’t long-lasting.”

Thoughts on Kiki:

“This reminds me of a pink I wore in seventh grade. It’s not a grown-ass woman pink on me, and I wouldn’t wear it on a date or anywhere I needed to rely on my lipgloss to be poppin’ because it would come off in two seconds. I do think if paired with a light berry-pink liner, it could be good with an ombré lip, but never just by itself.”

 Thoughts on Kimmie:

“This is probably my favorite. The ‘Kimmie’ is the only shade that doesn’t make my lips look absolutely ashy — aka it’s not too light, so it suits my skin tone the best. Something about the texture feels less slippery than the others too, and I can actually control where it goes on my lips. I just wish it were matte!”