This Is Why You Should Sleep With Onions In Your Socks!

Many people have a love-hate relationship with onions. Cooking with them causes tears and you might need a serious breath mint after eating them, but they often have a delicious way of adding flavor to your dish. If you aren’t a fan of eating them, you might be surprised to learn about the many other ways you can use onions. They can be used to clean your grill, repel insects and remove splinters. You can also put them in your socks at night to help fight a cold, fever or flu-like symptoms.

Putting onions in your socks might sound just a tad bit odd, but it works! This practice dates back to ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese found that there are thousands of tiny nerve endings on the bottom of the feet. These nerve endings act as access points to the internal organs. They are also closely linked to the nervous system. Onions have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. When you cut an onion and place it on the bottom of the foot, it gets right to work removing toxins and healing your body.


Here’s what this remedy does for you:

    1. Onions detox the body – Onions are rich in sulphuric compounds. These compounds are responsible for their strong odor. Sulfer helps the body release unwanted toxins, especially in the liver.
    2. Onions remove foot odor – Onions have strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. If you struggle with foot odor, this remedy can help!
    3. Onions purify your blood – While the onion is next to your foot, phosphoric acid is released. It enters your bloodstream and helps to purify the blood running through your veins.
    4. Onions support the immune system – Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of onions, your immune system becomes better prepared to fight off infections and inflammation.
    5. Onions purify the air – Your probably don’t bring onions into your bedroom on a regular basis, but this remedy can actually help clean the air while you sleep. The onions will work to purify the air by riding it of toxins and chemicals.

Here’s how you can try it at home!

  1. Take a red or white onion and cut it into flat slices. You want to make sure the onion slices can easily be applied to the bottom of your feet.
  2. Place the onion slices on the bottom of your feet and put on a pair of socks to keep them in place.
  3. Leave the onions and the socks on overnight, then remove and discard them in the morning.

That’s it! As you sleep, the healing properties of the onion will seep into your skin and absorb unwanted toxins that can make you sick. It will also work to purify the air in your bedroom and eliminate bacteria. Check out the video below for more information on this natural healing remedy!

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