This Normal Looking Storage Container Holds An Amazing Secret On The Inside!

When people think of tiny homes, they likely don’t think of a storage container. But a large, metal crate is the perfect solution for a cost-effective, tiny home.

This red storage container may look average from the outside, but it’s far from average inside.

A storage container like this one is a great option for a tiny home. They usually cost $1800 – $5000 depending on their size. They are easy to come by, as well, as containers that are shipped to their destinations are usually too costly to ship back.

What’s more, these containers are  eco-friendly, as they are re-purposed into homes. They are also for the most part, indestructible. Storage container tiny homes can handle more than typical American houses. They are built to handle heavy loads, severe climate conditions, and crane maneuvering. Containers can also be stacked to form multi-story homes.

Let’s take a look inside this storage container tiny home:

A full sized-fridge and gorgeous hardwood floors!

With the splashes of color against the neutral scheme, this truly is a homey environment!  I love the owl mug–placing it near the coffee maker is a nice touch.  It definitely makes me want to go inside, relax, and have a cup!

So open and airy!

The skylight really brightens up this beautiful home, making it seem like there are more windows than there are.  I love that while spacious, there are still clear distinctions between the bedroom, living room, and bathroom areas.

A touch of decoration without it being cluttered!

I love the blanket ladder!  This storage container home offers great ideas for decorating in smaller spaces!


A quaint but well-decorated bedroom.

While the bedroom isn’t enormous, it provides a space for two people to sleep comfortably.  And did you see the hanging lamp?  What an excellent use of space!

For a smaller area, the kitchen is pretty spacious!

The kitchen contains a full-range stove, lovely coordinating pots and pans, and more touches of personal decor.  Gorgeous!  And what a cool planter, too!

A full-sized bathroom!  Wow!

This awesome bathroom area has a toilet, shower, washer and dryer.  It hides behind a sliding barn door, adding a dash of style all while still making good use of space.

Like what you see? Great news!  This storage container home is for sale!  For $50,000, you can be the proud owner of the amazing customized tiny home. Considering average home prices have risen to about $300,000 in recent years, a storage container tiny home is an attractive alternative.

Would you live in a storage container tiny home?

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