Thugs Get Lonely Too: Songs That Celebrate Male Side Pieces

The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte may be coming to a network near you very soon, and while some say they can’t wait for this new guilty pleasure to hit television, others are disgusted due to the influx of ratchetness already on TV. While I’m neither for nor against the show, I think we as Black women are simply tired of seeing our likeness portrayed in a negative light when it comes to looking for love, i.e. there’s too many mistresses and not enough wives. But lest we forget, some brothers have been side pieces too, and pretty darn proud of it. Here is a look at some songs where men claim their position as “the other man.”

In this 2000 hit and the second single from his debut album, Ja Rule gives all the freaky, sneaky details of how he ditches the pagers and phones and takes another man’s woman on foreign trips, creeping at a low speed because “homey probably know me.”  We don’t condone cheating, but sometimes a little thug passion is needed.

Soul crooner Billy Paul was a pretty bold side piece. He spills all the tea about who his woman is and how they meet every day in the same cafe on “Me Mrs. Jones.” Billy sings with so much love and affection for her that you wonder is it really wrong!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Dino, Shazam, and G.I. are ready to prove it on “Part Time Lover.” And the best part is the trio promises to work around your schedule. “Part Time lover” was also featured on the “Above The Rim” soundtrack.

In the late 90s an epidemic called Splackavellie invaded the scene. No it isn’t an Italian disease, but a “brother she can call when her man ain’t doing her right.”  According to the lyrics, this super hero has the ability to hit you off with hydraulics on a stormy night.

Usher was king of the world when he dropped the epic My Way in 1997. But on this particular track from the album, he shares his frustration about not having a queen of his own–because he’s creeping with someone else’s! “One Day You’ll Be Mine” also samples another cheating serenade, “Between the Sheets” by the Isley Brothers.


Speaking of the Isley Brothers, this song needs no introduction! R. Kelly’s “Down Low” was the side piece anthem once it hit airwaves. And the video featuring Ron Isley as “Mr. Biggs” put the icing on the cake.

Pleasure P was determined to be the breakout star of Pretty Ricky, but in this case he definitely didn’t mind being “number 2” because second place has a whole lot to prove.

Side pieces are also very strategic, especially the old school player types. That cat named Jody comes to married women’s homes while the hubby is at work. Johnnie Taylor says there ain’t no sense in going home, Jody’s got your girl and GONE!