Tiffany Haddish Dropped Knowledge, Told Jokes And Inspired Us During Her New York Film Critics Circle Speech

The scene that didn’t make the movie

But can I share one scene with y’all that I really wanted to make it to the movie, but Universal said that they was afraid that women would actually do this shit? So they didn’t put it in there, because they didn’t want to get sued.

Can I share that with y’all?

And I’m going to put this in my special, and I don’t care if somebody try to sue me, because they shouldn’t have been a cheating-a$$ mother.

So, there’s a scene where I tell Regina [Hall] all the things I would do for her, that I got her back, no matter what. I’m like, no matter what, I got your back. I’m talking Timberland boots, hot grits—I don’t care. We’re going to give him some Ambien, night night. And then, when he sleep, we’re going to burn your name in his dick. And then we’re going to put mud and salt on it so it can keloid over, and then it will be ribbed for your pleasure. And then when he wake up, we’ll look him dead in his eyes, and we’ll tell him right to his face to keep your name out these b*tch*s’ mouths.