Tiffany Haddish To Play “Wild Sister” In Upcoming Tyler Perry Film Alongside Omari Hardwick And Tika Sumpter


How many ways can Miss Tiffany Haddish secure the bag? Countless! According to Deadline, the #SheReady comedienne will star in Tyler Perry’s The List opposite fellow actress Tika Sumpter.

Haddish will play a “wild” woman who gets released from prison and re-enters her sister Danica’s (Sumpter) life. Haddish will help Sumpter’s character accept that she may be getting “catfished” by an online boyfriend whom she has never met in person. We’re not sure who will be playing the boyfriend, but the yummy Power actor Omari Hardwick is attached to this project as well. Will he be the love interest for Sumpter or Haddish? We shall see.

Haddish has proved to be a very talented comedic actress. Last year’s Girls Trip film made her the breakout star, schooling people on how “grapefruiting” can do the body good (wink, wink). And ever since then, she has been in demand for nearly everything – from being the new Groupon spokesperson to voicing an upcoming animated series on Netflix to hosting the MTV Movie Awards in June. This woman is on fire! And it seems that everywhere she goes, people just want to see more of her. And who can blame them?

Folks are now calling for her to co-host next year’s Oscars with fellow comedienne Maya Rudolph after the pair gave the best comedy routine while presenting an award at the ceremony on Sunday. Both melanated women wanted to calm down anyone who thought that the Oscars were getting too Black. Haddish hilariously reassured all those that the whiteness would return very, very, soon.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Haddish said. “Are the Oscars too black now? Don’t worry. We were just backstage and there are still a bunch of white people still to come.”

Ha! Seeing Haddish and Rudolph definitely woke me up during a rather snoozefest of a hosting job that Jimmy Kimmel gave. So, if Haddish co-hosts next year, I will definitely be tuned in.

But before that is set in stone, I will be checking her out in the new Tyler Perry flick where the multi-hyphenate writer, director and producer will bring her, Sumpter and Hardwick into a world that should be very entertaining to watch. Currently in the works at Paramount Players, the film already has a release date – November 2, 2018. Let’s support our girl!