Tiny Seeking Alimony From TI And Annulment In Divorce Filing, But Sources Claim Couple Might Reconcile

We told you yesterday that after six years of marriage, kids, time in prison, a TV show and a relationship spanning nearly 15 years, Tameka “Tiny” Harris filed for divorce from rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris. The papers were filed on December 7 in Henry County, Georgia. As people wrap their heads around the split, new information has come out about the filing, along with information about the state of Tiny and T.I.’s relationship at this point.

TI and Tiny

According to court documents obtained by TheJasmineBrand, Tiny is seeking both temporary and permanent physical custody of their minor children, King, Major and Heiress, but does want joint legal custody with the rapper. Should T.I. contest that, according to court papers, Tiny wants a Guardian ad Litem appointed by the court to do a “complete in-home study.” She also wants a mental health expert to do a psychological evaluation of both parties, as well as the kids, to make a decision in the best interest of the three kids in case her request is contested.

As far as money, according to Page Six, Tiny wants equal division of all assets and is seeking child support as well as temporary and permanent alimony.

But as far as marital debts go, she wants the rapper to be responsible for all of that due to his high-earning ability.

The most interesting bit of new news according to TheJasmineBrand, as well as The Dirty, is that despite the pair being married for six years, she filed for divorce via annulment. Grounds for annulment in Georgia can include everything from being forced to enter into a marriage to being fraudulently induced to enter into a marriage and, of course, a party being married to someone else at the time of marriage. It’s unclear where their relationship would fall on such a scale. T.I. has until January 6 to respond to the filing, otherwise, Tiny will obtain what she’s requested by a default judgment.

But who is to say that this marriage will truly come to an end?

According to TMZ, since the filing, sources said that the pair have gotten together in person a few times and “things got romantic.” As we told you yesterday, the two were with their kids for the Christmas holiday, so it’s not an ugly split at the moment, therefore, reconciliation could be possible. However, TMZ does note that sources close to the couple cite that both T.I. and Tiny have issues trusting each other. Until they can work those problems out, it sounds like the filing will stand.


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