Tiny’s Friend Calls Out Men Who Highlight Injustices But Don’t Take Care Of Home & T.I. Gets Mad

I always loved when my dad used the phrase, “A hit dog shole will holla.” It perfectly encapsulates the human tendency to protest and cry out when you believe something someone has said directly applies to you.

It was a phrase that showed up in the comment section of an Instagram post from one of Tiny’s friends.

Just sayin……

A post shared by Shamra (@shamrastar) on Apr 6, 2017 at 9:08am PDT

Facts. And honestly, I’m glad someone finally said it.

I’m sure you know where this is going. But if you’re wondering who the “hit dog” in this situation is, it’s T.I. And he let it be known that he was in his feelings by posting a response under “Shamrastar’s” note. Unfortunately for us he’s since deleted it but from subsequent comments, we can tell that T.I. likely resorted to the trite method of insinuating that a woman is not worthy of an opinion unless she “has a man.”

Tiny’s friend Shamra responded.

@troubleman31 oh my n*gga this ain’t no shade at you what so ever. Don’t really know what you speak of but understand this that man you speak of, I let him go. He didn’t leave me so go get ya facts straight and then come holla at me! Betta yet you have my number so if it’s any problem you know how to get at me! Trust and believe I’ve never addressed your relationship because had we all know how that can go. So please have a seat! Better yet hit my line! It’s open.

Then T.I. came back again.

@shamrastar nah no thanx. I’ll pass. If I never have to see or speak to you again, my heart would smile.

There are a variety of comments from people who believe that Shamra was obviously referencing T.I. and should take care of home and then there were those who believe T.I. just admitted his guilt by being pressed enough to respond in the first place.