Tips For Avoiding Mascara Smudging


For many women, mascara is a must-have beauty product. It’s easy to use, flattering for all and its affordable. Unfortunately, for some of us, it can smudge and flake mid-day, which can be especially problematic in the summer.

Check out a few tips below for avoiding dreaded mascara smudging.

Use an Eyelid Primer: While it may seem unnecessary (especially if you don’ wear eyeshadow), using a primer can help tone down the oil in the eye area, thereby reducing the chance of smudging.

Waterproof Mascara: It may seem obvious, but waterproof mascara is a good choice when you need your mascara to stay put in all conditions and activities (including outdoor sports and water related activities). Waterproof mascara can however, be drying and hard on the lashes (it can also be somewhat difficult to remove), so consider only using it when you really need to.

Avoid Mascara on Lower Lashes: Mascara on the lower lashes can easily smudge and become flaky. Try to minimize mascara use on lower lashes.