Tom Brady Under Attack By Chemical Shills For His ‘Strange’ Diet

When someone wins 4 Super Bowls and then tells you his diet is a critical part of his success, you might want to listen to him.

For Tom Brady, however, his stunning NFL accomplishments aren’t enough to protect him from the scathing criticism he receives from chemical industry shills and mainstream dieticians.

And what is Tom’s “scientific sin”? He abides by a strict 80-20 diet (80% alkaline, 20% acidic) that he says helps him “maintain balance and harmony through my metabolic system.”

In addition, Brady refuses to eat from a list of banned ingredients including MSG, fungi, and dairy.

Oh, and he absolutely refuses to eat anything that’s not organic.

“If it’s not organic, I don’t use it,” said Brady’s personal chef, Allen Campbell.

Despite Tom’s incredible health and professional career, establishment scientists/dieticians have come out to discredit his diet, suggesting that he’s bonkers and that there’s minimal evidence to back up his claims.

Just take a look at some of these headlines:

According to the NY Post, Brady’s alkaline diet is “baffling” and “experts say the eating plan lacks legitimacy.”

The NY Post also interviewed a registered dietitian who described the diet as “sketchy.”

By relying on talking points from establishment sources, Brady’s naysayers think they’ve somehow debunked his diet—but the science is on his side.

Numerous studies and researchers have pointed to the negative effects of consuming nightshade vegetables—a no-no in the alkaline diet.

Research shows that solanine, a substance found in nightshade vegetables, can increase inflammation and swelling in joints. Obviously, such side-effects would be counterproductive for a professional quarterback.

Additionally, nightshade vegetables have been shown to contain cholinesterase-inhibiting glycoalkaloids, and even steroids.

Despite his naysayers, though, Tom Brady is a walking, talking case study in the health benefits of eating an organic, minimally-toxic diet. His 4 Super Bowl championships are a testament to that.

Take a look at the media’s view of Brady’s healthy diet.


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