Top 5 Acts To Still Catch At The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has been running now for 10 strong years, attracting talent from across North America. Now the event runs for 12 days at the start of March, with many of the biggest names (and some big up and comers) from the continent. While the festival might have started last week on March 1st, there is still plenty of good comedy to still catch. The event runs until March 12th, and we took a look through the remaining shows and picked out our top five acts you don’t want to miss.

The Beaverton – If you’ve read their website, or watched their brand new TV show, you’ll know that The Beaverton is all about satire at its finest. On March 11th be prepared to see their first ever theatre show! Stars of the TV show Miguel Rivas and Emma Hunter will host live from the Randolph Theatre, and will be joined by correspondents Marilla Wex and Laura Cilevitz, as well as a number of surprise appearances.

Dame Judy Dench – You might know the name, but that doesn’t mean we’re talking about the same person here. Dame Judy Dench is a Canadian Comedy Award nominated group based out of Toronto who’ve become one of the biggest hits out of the annual Fringe Festival. You really just don’t know what to expect from their shows, other than a copious amount of laughter. They are playing at The Theatre Centre on March 11th.

The Sketchersons – You’ve heard of Saturday Night Live, but unless you are into the comedy scene in Toronto you might not have heard of Sunday Night Live at the Comedy Bar. They follow a similar format to the popular TV series, complete with a guest host and live music. Each week they perform all new sketches, so if you happen to see them, you can brag that no one else will. They’ve been featured at Just For Laughs, JFL42, and even the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. They perform March 12th at the Comedy Bar, for you guessed it, Sunday Night Live.

Panacea!– From every day mundane tasks, to the dark side of humanity, Panacea! has got you covered.  This four person group will have you laughing so hard that you probably shouldn’t be drinking anything while they are performing. No topic is out of bounds, and you really can’t see what’s coming up next. They have two shows left at The Theatre Centre, March 10th and 11th.

Fratwurst – The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has been on for 10 years, and Fratwurst has been a part of seven of them. The trio have toured North America with their unique form of comedy. What makes them different than a lot of the other performers, is the fact that their individual sketches slowly comes together to form a complete narrative. You can’t see it at first, but when it gets to the end you’ll see it for what it is. You can catch them on March 10th at The Theatre Centre and on March 11th at The Comedy Bar.