Top Canadian Food Trucks To Satisfy Your Street Eats Cravings


Photo: foodtrucksto on Instagram

Now that we are in the summer months, food trucks are all back out on the streets ready to feed you. Whether you are on a quick lunch break, or just trying out new food with a friend, there are so many diverse and delicious meals on wheels available for Canadians to enjoy. We have rounded up a few of Canada’s most notable food trucks to try out!


Photo: olschooldonuts on Instagram

Ol’School Donuts, Halifax: Not your traditional looking food truck, Ol’ School Donuts serves their famous old fashion donuts in a tricked out school bus! Their warm, mini cake donuts are sold 10 at a time with your choice of toppings. You can get 10 of one flavor, or split into two flavours. Notable toppings include Reese’s pieces and powdered sugar.

Me.n.u., Toronto: This Asian fusion truck started out popping up at festivals and food markets, until fully launching as a full-service truck. One of the most popular dishes includes the riceballs which are handmade with tempura and stuffed with an option of meat or veggies. Many foodies chose to have them as a side order alongside mains such as poutine with shredded pork or roti tacos.


Photo: grumman78 on Instagram

Grumman 78, Montreal: The Mexican-inspired food truck is the city’s first food truck, producing street corn and delicious tacos. As well as drawing long line ups at its popular food truck, Grumman 78 has a full service restaurant.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese, Vancouver: Cheese-lovers unite! This food truck is filled with gourmet grilled cheese specials as well as an option to make your own delicious sandwiches. Located in downtown Vancouver, these sandwiches have proven themselves worthy of standing in the rain for!

Perogy Boyz, Calgary: Perogy Boyz of the only original Calgary food trucks still active and consistently open throughout the year. The truck contains a wide variety of perogies, starting with 8 plump potato and cheddar perogies and then gets creative with the toppings. Some of which include breakfast perogies with eggs and bacon, apple filled perogies topped with and cinnamon sugar.