Top New CD Releases For June 2018

In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine we took a look at some of the hottest new music being released this June. We took a look at the new albums from Drake, Christina Aguilera and 5 Seconds of Summer, but they aren’t the only new releases this month that has people talking. British siren Lily Allen and the Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo both have new releases as well.

Lily Allen’s new album is called No Shame, and it comes out on June 8. It’s been four years since Allen released new music, and during that time she has reportedly gone through an “identity crisis” where she stated that she hadn’t been enjoying or able to connect to the music she was being asked to create. For No Shame, Allen looked inwards at the things that had affected her life, including her relationship with herself, her children, her now ex-husband and substance abuse. So far three songs have been released, ‘Three,’ ‘Higher’ and ‘Trigger Bang’ which have been praised by critics. this new album might just be enough to get her back on top.

Also coming out this June, the 15th to be exact, is Chromeo’s new album Head Over Heels. This long waited for album was first announced back in November, but the wait looks like it was well worth it. Their first two singles of Chromeo’s fifth album, ‘Juice’ and ‘Bedroom Calling’ don’t appear to bring anything new to the table for the group other than the new music, but their fans should enjoy the vintage sounds regardless.

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