Top Places To Get French Macarons In Toronto

The delicate and colourful macaron, a meringue-based delicacy, is a beloved staple among those who crave French baked goods. Thankfully, Torontionans don’t have to catch a plane to Paris to enjoy these petite treats. Toronto is home to a number of first rate patisseries and bakeries, many of which specialize in the art of macaron-making. This winter, treat yourself to one (or six) of the many delicious macarons found across Toronto. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our picks for some of the top macarons the city has to offer.


Photo: rebecazulch on Instagram

Bobette and Belle

Bakery Bobette Belle made its name as a wedding cake studio, but they decided to open a retail location in 2010.  Their Leslieville space serves as part gallery, part bakery, with a selection of beautiful wedding cakes as well as artwork on display. Though they offer a variety of baked goods, it’s their macarons that keep customers coming back for more. Owners Sarah Bell and Allyson Meredith spent months developing the perfect formula for these delicacies in Paris. Bobette Belle’s selection of cozy couches, chairs and bar stools invites customers to enjoy their treats in shop, rather than rush out with a to-go container.


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With four locations across Toronto, the popularity of Nadège is indisputable. Run by French chef Nadège Nourian, the bakery offers artisanal goods that are known to be just as good to look at as they are to eat. One of the first macaron bakeries in Toronto, Nadège is still known for having the largest selection of the French delicacies in the city. Their flavours are unique, with tastes ranging from champagne to matcha green tea flavoured delicacies.  While known for their macarons, the recent expansions of the bakery have let to further experimentation, such as the Parisian hot chocolate, made from a blend of dark chocolates and Chantilly.


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Butter Avenue

In the pristine, white interior of Butter Avenue, the only colour comes from the bold, neatly arrayed stacks of macarons. With locations at Yonge Lawrence and Queen West, Butter Avenue is run by brother-sister duo Calvin and Tina Su. Try complimenting one of their sea salt caramel macarons with a selection from their gourmet collection of loose teas. If you’re looking for the whole gourmet experience, try the afternoon tea at their Yonge and Lawrence location. This event involves a set menu of delicate desserts, savoury items, and premium tea selections.


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Dessert Lady

Unlike the other bakeries on this list, macarons are not the focus at Dessert Lady. Instead, chef Mandy Kan claims to try her hand at pretty much every dessert under the sky, including cookies, pies, and tarts. Dessert Lady doesn’t have a set menu or schedule, but instead, the selection depends mostly on what Kan feels like making that day. When Kan does make them, however, her macarons are known to be incredibly fresh and flavourful. A  major bonus is that the majority of her macarons are gluten-free, making them an excellent choice for those with sensitive stomachs.