Top Poutine Across Quebec

While many nations have some variation on the classic plate of French fries, none are more satisfying to our Canadian palates than that sinful Quebecois speciality known as poutine. Although the thought of the calorie intake is enough to spark a midday gym run, the aroma of poutine immediately brings to mind the idea of late nights and raucous celebrations. Perhaps you’re well past your party days and currently seated at your desk daydreaming of a late afternoon snack, or perhaps you still enjoy a wild night out from time to time (much like the Real Style team). Either way, there’s no denying the fact that this dish of fries, gravy and cheese curds (which was first created in 1950s) is now a staple dish among the student set and the party crowd. We’ve curated a roundup of a few popular poutine spots in Quebec, for anyone exploring the La Belle Province in search of a calorific treat this autumn.


Photo: lauraannwarman on Instagram

Jos Patate – Grenville

Though from the outside Jos Patate seems like little more than a highway-side shack, the unassuming exterior apparently gives way to tempting eats. At insanely low prices, this drive-by also claims to offers classic pub grub like burgers and fries, but their real specialty is the classic poutine. Jos Patate has been a Grenville staple for over 30 years, so long lines are often a common sight at this establishment.


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Pat Retro – Bergeville

Upon entry to Pat Retro, you’ll instantly be transported back into the 1950s. This vintage inspired diner is famous for their delicious poutine topped with a special gravy that is said to be delicious The eatery is also rumoured to be a favourite spot of Canadian singer Céline Dion, who is said to have been a regular at Pat Retro at one point.


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Decarie Hot Dog – Montreal

Though this Montreal hot spot is known for their iconic hot dogs and overall greasy grub, their poutine is also a standout item on the menu. Served with fresh, squeaky cheese, this poutine is said to be a mouthwatering masterpiece that will make it instantly clear why this laidback eatery has been a reigning fast food landmark for over 40 years.


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Brasserie Artisinale La Souche – Quebec City

The Brasserie Artistinale La Souche is primarily a brewery, serving locally sourced artisanal beers. Their menu is equally impressive, featuring seven different types of poutine, with flavours ranging from original to cheeseburger inspired. Brasserie Artisinale La Souche was also Quebec City’s winner of Poutine Week 2015, which certainly makes it a celebrated spot for this Canadian comfort food.