Toronto Art Exhibits Opening In May

With a new month comes a new slate of exhibits opening around the city. Since Toronto is so diverse, the city offers something different for everyone. Whether it’s a collection of student work or an exhibit combining art and dance, there’s a collection to suit the unique tastes of just about every art lover. With spring showers upon us, exhibits are a relaxing way to spend a rainy day, soak up the local culture in the 6ix and perhaps walk away with a new creative perspective. We’ve rounded up a few intriguing new exhibits to catch this month. 

Photo: kericronin from Instagram

Maximum Exposure, Ryerson School of Image Arts – May 1st-19th  

For 22 years now, this event has showcased the works of students at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. This year, over 150 undergraduate students will display their works, which spans the mediums of Photography, Film, and Digital. The annual end-of-year exhibit puts a focus on photography students and aims to give students a chance to be recognized on a national and international scale. If you want to catch a lineup of upcoming digital and photographic artists from the True North and abroad, Maximum Exposure may be a must-visit. 

“Luminous” Photo Art Show, The Heliconian Club – May 4th-31st

Combining art and performance, Luminous is a unique exhibit focusing on Ekphrasis. Ekphrasis is the response of other art forms, such as music and dance, to visual art such as photography. Seven photographic artists will join with professional dancers, poets and musicians for an afternoon of visual arts and Ekphrasis performances.

Water: Sustaining Life, Urban Gallery – May 4th-31st

With a focus on one of our world’s most precious resources, this exhibit brings four unique perspectives to the importance of water in our life and world around us. Each artists brings their personal artistic touch to the exhibit. For example, photographer Karen Silver has a fascination with reflections and that is, quite literally, reflected in her take on water. Chris Hominuk, on the other hand, aims to capture the calmness of nature. It’s an exhibit that proves something we often take for granted can be turned into art.  

Destination Canada, Reference Library – May 20th-July 30th

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, Destination Canada explores migration and finding home in Canada from early settlement to present day. The exhibit is in partnership with Passages Canada, an organization that shares personal accounts of cultural identity and heritage among youth and new Canadians.