Tosh.0 Exposes Disturbing “Pro-Pedophile” YouTube Channel With Over 6 Million Subscribers

An alleged “pro-pedophile” YouTube channel with nearly 7 million subscribers and over 12 billion views may have just been exposed—but not by the FBI, or federal investigators, but by comedy TV show host Daniel Tosh. (scroll down for video)

It’s either an indicator of America’s failing justice system or Tosh’s wild speculations.

“I’ll level with you,” says Tosh on a segment on his show, “I may have stumbled upon something dark here. Anyone watching these videos needs to put some pants on and turn themselves into the FBI.”

A stunning accusation to make, especially by a mainstream TV host, but even a passive investigation into the YouTube channel in question reveals some disturbing trends.

Like the consistent use of young children engaged in bizarre acts or positions, including a girl licking a cream pie in a video titled “Lucy’s Morning Routine.”

We won’t post any images from the video, as they are too graphic, but as any concerned parent might want to do, you can investigate the video for yourself here.

It has over 138 million views and mostly “likes”, though a considerable number of “dislikes” indicates the general public may have noticed its perverted undertones.

In a separate video titled “Escaping From Your Bed In The Morning!!” a young boy is strapped to his bed with duct tape, which could easily double as soft-BDSM-porn for pedophiles.

According to the Free Thought Project:

“Our investigation into the Seven Super Girls channel uncovered an incredibly disturbing phenomenon.

“The girls are all selected as stars of the channel by uploading an audition video to SAKs channels, pronounced “Sax” and eerily close to “Sex” — we believe on purpose. You decide for yourself.

“When you click on the link to the YouTube video, the official SAKs channels are listed in the comments section.”