Travel To The Bay of Fundy This Season

Known for having the highest tidal range in the world, the Bay of Fundy is officially designated as one of North America’s seven natural wonders. The prominent landmark stretches across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and offers unparalleled views of one of nature’s greatest forces at work. This 270 km long ocean bay makes for an exciting and scenic road trip, with plenty to do and see along the way. We’ve rounded up some of the top things to do while exploring the Bay of Fundy.


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Take a stroll along the ocean floor

Ever wanted to explore the ocean from the comfort of land? When the tides are low at the Hopewell Rocks of New Brunswick, visitors can literally walk out across the ocean floor. Catch a glimpse of awe-inspiring rock formations and live seaweed as you stare up at majestic cliffs and rocks. The Bay of Fundy is one of the only places in the world where it’s possible to walk across the sand and then kayak over that same spot hours later.


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Indulge in a chocolate town

Known as “Canada’s Chocolate Town,” St. Stephen is a town along the Bay of Fundy that is also home to Canada’s oldest candy company, Ganong Bros Limited. Established in 1873 by James and Gilbert Ganong, the company was the first to put their chocolate into a wrapped bar format, thus creating the chocolate bar we know and love today. If you visit St. Stephen, you can learn all about the rich history of Ganong at their Chocolate Museum, which features interactive displays about the process of chocolate making.  Make sure to grab a chocolate bar (or three!) at the Ganong Chocolatier store on your way out.


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Have tea with Eleanor Roosevelt:

Eleanor Roosevelt is known as the epitome of style and class, so it’s of little surprise that the former first lady was a huge fan of afternoon tea. However, a little known fact about Roosevelt is that she and her family used to retreat to New Brunswick’s Campobello island during the summer months, prompting the island to rename their popular park the “Roosevelt Campobello International Park.” Every day, the park offers “Tea with Eleanor,” in the cottage where the Roosevelts would stay. Sit back and listen to park guides describe Eleanor’s life on the island, complimented by cookies, pastries, and of course, tea.


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Hike along Fundy Trail:  

For those looking to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air during their trip, the Fundy Trail offers an exceptional opportunity to gaze out upon one of our national wonders. Frequently named as one of the best hike trails in the world, the Fundy Trail is a 2,559 hectare park that stretches across the Atlantic coast. The trail boasts over 20 lookouts that allow visitors to take in the sights from a variety of angles. Whether you take a guided walk or set off on your own, the Fundy Trail is sure to delight.