Travel Trials: Our Girls Trip Has Turned Into A Couples’ Trip

A couple of weeks ago my three closest girls and I decided to book a much-needed girls getaway. We used to take trips every summer together, but we skipped the past two years since my bestie had a destination wedding in 2015 we all attended, and last year the two other girls in my circle relocated for work and romance and couldn’t afford the extra expense.

Now that everyone’s settled into their new lives, we planned a catch-up getaway to Cancun for four days fourth of July weekend, with the hotel and flights already booked. Two nights ago we started a group chat about the trip itinerary and my bestie jumped on the thread to let us know her husband was coming in on day three and she was going to extend her vacation another week so they could have a little time together in Paradise too. She told us she’d still pay her portion for the suite but obviously wouldn’t be sleeping in there the last two nights of the trip and we all said “cool.”

However, last night, both of my other girls hopped on the chat to say they were following my BFF’s lead and their guys were gonna fly in too to spend a little time together with them in Mexico. Suddenly, what was supposed to be a girls trip turned into a partial couple’s vacay and guess who’s not feeling it?

Not only am I not interested in being the 7th single wheel when the time comes, my friends are also talking about rebooking the reservation to accommodate their new coupled-up plans which would essentially leave me paying for a room all by myself for at least one or two nights. FYI, I’m not taking them up on their suggestion to invite the guy I started dating a month ago just so I can have someone with me too. That’s a little too soon for my taste.

I don’t want my girls to think I’m jealous I don’t have anyone to bring but this is not the vacation I had in mind, nor want to participate in anymore, especially since I’ll have to come off more money. I want to see my girls, but not this way. What should I do?