Treat Yo Self To #ShortFilmSundays With This Dose Of Cuteness

Yes, it’s Sunday– aka the “Lord’s Day” — but that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty for binge-watching Netflix or finally getting around to doing those multiple loads of laundry you put off. With 2016 being the year of “treating ourselves” and #SelfLove as it’s mantra, we need to find time for a small dose of cuteness and humor to get us through the day and we’ve got something for you.

One way to “treat yo self” is by watching the short film Love, New York published on Issa Rae’s Youtube Channel as part of the #ShortFilmSundays series. Love, New York is a short comedy written and directed by Dionna McMillian and stars Sydney Morton. If you haven’t heard, Issa Rae is officially the “It Girl” in film and media right now. Initially known for her web series Awkward Black Girl, she is now a force to reckon with by creating the unique and relatable HBO series, Insecure which we can’t stop talking about.

Thanks to #ShortFilmSundays we can add another treat to this day of rest. Enjoy!