Try Glamping For Your Next Weekend Getaway

Photo: feelslovenia on Instagram 

If bugs and mosquito bites terrify you, and the idea of using the bathroom in the great outdoors disgusts you, it’s safe to say that camping isn’t the summertime activity for you! After all, access to a swimming pool, room service and Wi-Fi access are certainly preferred to insects and less than favourable toilet conditions. However, there may be a happy medium which allows you to enjoy the brief yet beautiful Canadian summer- and also have the option to shower whenever you like! Glamping, a whimsical term which combines the concepts of “glamorous” and “camping” promises to offer a more luxurious approach to embracing nature. 

Since Canada is home to numerous stunning and Instagram-worthy camping locations, we recommend turning to a picturesque national park, beach, forest or mountain region. For those who are hesitant to jump into a tent, try staying in a barn overnight or turning to a cabin that offers hotel services. If there’s an upcoming wedding in your social circle, you can even host a bachelorette party in the wilderness, but also enjoy champagne in true glamping form. For lovebirds looking for a couples’ escape or families looking to reunite, some glamping areas provide activities like biking, horseback riding, zip lining, safari tours and yoga classes. 

People go camping as a bonding experience and to have some time away from their daily lives. You don’t have to pack the car with tent or equipment! If you’ve always wanted to camp but are wary of “nature,” give glamping a try, and be sure to enjoy the beauty of Canada in style.