Try These Cycling Workouts To Burn Fat Now

When most people think of cycling, the Tour de France or Lance Armstrong may come to mind. However, cycling has quickly become the next Pilates when it comes to fitness trends. With boutique cycling studios opening across the city, fitness gurus and enthusiasts are looking to get involved. The high-energy, music-filled workout has created a community of cycling lovers. For those who are new to cycling here are the various types of workouts the cycling world offers.

Boutique Cycling Studios

Boutique studios are very different from run-of-the-mill athletic clubs. These types of spaces are more intimate and exclusive. An example of this type of club would be Soul Cycle. The popular LA cycling club has made its way over the border and is becoming popular amongst seasoned cyclists and fitness junkies. Focused solely on cycling, classes are purchased individually or in groups of 10, 20, or 30 passes. This type of studio would be best for someone who does not want to commit a full fitness membership.

Cycling Class at Gyms

Before boutique cycling studios, most gyms had always offered cycling classes ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. These cycling classes are often included with gym memberships and are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to be limited to only cycling classes. Classes are similar to boutique cycling studios as they are often held in an intimate space with motivational instructors and music. If you already have a gym membership and are looking to try cycling, you can avoid the extra cost of a boutique studio and try the classes offered at your gym.

Outdoor Cycling

If you prefer to work out outdoors, simply grabbing a biking and hitting the local trails is a great way to get into cycling. You become your own motivator and can go at your own pace without the pressure of keeping up with other cyclists. If you still like the idea of being part of a team or group, there are many cycling clubs across the city, such as the Toronto Bicycling Network. This approach to cycling is best for those who like to combine their love of the outdoors with cycling.

Virtual Cycling

Virtual cycling offers beginners a chance to combine solitude and ‘nature’ at the same time. Most gyms offer a virtual cycling machine where the bike faces a screen. You choose your route and the machine stimulates factors such as, but not limited to, weather and opponents according to your preferences. This allows cyclists at all different skill levels to find a cycling style that works for them.

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