TWD’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Previews Maggie and Negan’s ‘Emotional’ Face-Off

It’s revenge time. Ever since The Walking Dead’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) took away the one person that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) loved, she’s wanted him dead. When season 8 ended, Rick decided to keep him alive against her request but eventually, she will get the chance to face her nemesis, showrunner Angela Kang told Us Weekly exclusively.

“I was sitting there watching and I got chills from just their work,” Kang told Us at PaleyFest in New York City. “I love the writing, did but also their performances are so incredible and moving and surprising.”

Morgan, 52, echoed her thoughts, adding that he was just thrilled to finally work with Cohan, 36.

'The Walking Dead'
‘The Walking Dead’ AMC

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to work together because other than the initial meet with her in clearing on her knees, I never had the chance to do anything with Lauren,” the Supernatural alum told Us. “These two characters, her especially, have been waiting a long time to have a little one-on-one time. And Negan knows it. Negan knows that she’s been looking for him and he’s waiting on her.”

He added: “When they get together, it’s very intense. It’s very emotional. I think the audience is gonna get goosebumps. It’s very heavy.”

Morgan also talked about Negan’s headspace now that he’s been living in solitary confinement for so long.

“He has always been in control and that has been completely stripped from him, from every angle. Also, he’s not able to talk to anyone. He may get up some gusto for a couple of moments with Rick because I think he, unlike anyone else on this show is ever gonna do, gets under Rick’s skin and he will still find a way to push his buttons,” the father of two added. “But when Negan is alone, he’s having a very, very hard time.”

Besides human interaction, there’s also something Negan’s missing: Lucille.

“He misses her a lot. He will verbalize it,” Morgan said. “She’s not just a weapon, it means a lot more than that to him. For him, it’s a crutch for getting through this world and without it, he’s not whole. He’s having a hard, hard time without Lucille.”

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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