Two-Steppin’ In The Name Of Love: 10 Adorable Celebrity Couples Dancing Together

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Twerkin’ on men in the club is… cute when you’re young, single, and in lust. But there’s something beautiful about watching a couple in love dance together. They may not have any rhythm, they might not even be on beat, but being in sync with one another is what really matters and inspires onlookers as they witness how in love the couple is. And then there are other pairs who don’t do the lovey-dovey slow dance stuff, they all out choreograph dance moves so you know the love is real.

Over the years, we’ve seen both types of couples when it comes to celebrity pairs and we love it all. Lately, some of our favorite husbands and wives have been showing off their moves on the gram, so here’s a look at 10 adorable celebrity couples two-steppin’ — or something along those lines — in love.

That’s right!!!!! 32 years of lovin!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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Debbie Allen and husband Norm Nixon on their 32nd wedding anniversary.